I am a 21 year-old bilingual girl with a craze for cupcakes, big city lights, penguins and list making. I have big dreams for myself. I live in the lovely Dubai!

Left-handed and own two passports.

4th year Pharmacy student. I have lived for most of my life between the Middle East and London. 

I always love to hear from you. You can email me here: xaestheticthoughtsx [@] gmail [.] com with any questions, requests or chit-chat. I will most definitely get back to you. Promise.


Published on January 10, 2009 at 3:39 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. All I want to say is: woohoo!

  2. Hello from sunny Florida,

    Just stumbled on your blog and LOVE you and it!!!! I was looking at the free photoshop brushes/stamps and liked the one of the old mail stamp collection. My question to you is, I downloaded the free samples, but now, how do I get them into my stamp collection in photoshop??

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful soul and uplifting my life, a fabulous find.

    Take care,


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