Monthly Act of Charity

Starting the month of July I will commit to an act of charity every month. That is the decision I have made. And I will stick to it. God has given us all so much. We are overflowing with things to be thankful for. Our blessings are bountiful. Open your eyes. Look around you. You have so much to be grateful for if you just look long enough to see it. There are always flowers for those who want to see them. Count your blessings. Always keep an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful & grateful for all that you have now. Your blessings are innumerable. If you still find this hard to do, get a notebook & survey your life over the next few days. Jot down all the blessings you come across (there are far too many). Convinced now?

As a youngish girl I remember seeing a movie (or maybe it was a documentary?) on some children in an orphanage & it was then that I put in mind I really wanted to open an orphanage. I even went home, sat down & drew out all the plans I had in mind for this orphanage of mine. Now that I’m older, I’m not sure whether that dream will or will not come true (I’m still just as determined as ever) but I know one thing for sure, I can do so much in so many other ways to help the less fortunate.

When I look around me & become aware of how much God has given me, I think well what am I doing in return? What am I giving back to the world? Yes, I pray to thank God for everything, but there’s a lot more I could be doing. There’s a lot more we could all be doing.

So what’s my decision? Every month I will do something for charity. And I hope you will do the same. Charity, preached by every religion of the world, is a way of bringing justice to society. Practice it. Every month after meeting your own needs, look to help others in need of your help. There are far too many people out there who are in dire need of what you have to give. You will feel incredibly good about it. Help people in need. Just remember when you give to charity you are never reducing your wealth. Quite the opposite actually. Whatever good you do, you will be rewarded. No act of kindness is ever forgotten & no act of kindness ever goes unrewarded. Keep that in mind. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than helping someone. It’s so beautiful.

I have already started planning my act of charity for July (seen as it will be the first month I want to do something massive). If you’ve been keeping track of my posts you’ll see I’m organizing a cupcake bake sale to raise money for charity. I’m clear on the cupcakes & I’m almost done with the posters, now I just need to decide on the venue & the day. Super excited!

Start from today & commit yourself to an act of charity every month.

World hunger reaches the 1 billion people mark

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My First *Official* Photoshop Creation

This is my first -official- Photoshop creation! I’m really pleased with it (though it could do with a little more work maybe?)  I declare it a successful first attempt! Yippeee. I’m hoping to make a whole bunch of them (within the next week or so) to serve as little reminders for myself.

Wishing you all a gorgeous evening. I’m heading off for dinner now & then I shall be dressing myself up for a little get together. Enjoy!

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Super Excited


I’m excited beyond words for the following:

My driver’s license (very very soon!)

My summer job in LUSH 

Cupcake bake sale (I want to do something for charity, so what better than my own cupcake sale where I get to do the baking!)




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Ten Thousand Questions

The Masquerade Play of  Life

The Constant Gardener

How to Live a Life Less Ordinary

Inspiration Machine 37

Be Playful

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A Little Reminder

Learn something new

Try something different

Enjoy all the flavors that life offers

Change what you can & the rest will go by

Strive to become the best you can be

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Image ♥ Special

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Pseudo-Faking It

Today a close friend & I were having a little yakkety yak & we started talking about a few fake people we used to know back in school & how it bugged her (and me!). So this brings me to this post:

›People who go to certain places just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who act out of their character just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who dress out of their style just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who are friends with someone just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who brag about their designer car/watch/shoes/handbag just to get noticed or to fit in

They are fake, always trying to be something they are not in order to fit in with the rest of the crowd. In actual fact they are afraid of being themselves, for fear they will be rejected. So what do they do? They go with the flow. They follow the crowd. They go by ”there is safety in numbers.”

And the thing with all these people is that if you look underneath their ‘masks’ or facades they are empty. They have no real substance. They have no real goals, ambitions or values. They have been ripped of all of that Why? Because they have compromised their own ambitions & values to fit in with the mob.

♥ ”Never compromise your values & beliefs, even if it means risking ridicule & rejection. Be true to yourself. Live your own life & don’t allow others to decide what’s best for you. If you do, you will be unhappy because, you’re untrue to yourself” ♥

Thankfully I haven’t fallen victim to such pretense crowds. This is why when I come across someone who doesn’t follow the mob, someone who believes in individuality & someone who believes in who they are I hold onto them. And you should do too.


All the time

I look in your eyes

But what I see

And what you say to me

Are two totally different things

You pretend you put on a façade

I only wish you knew that I’m not

The only one who sees it as odd

Fake people

The things they do are oh so evil

Because of their own insecurities

They try to pass on to you their idiosyncrasies

Thinking they are your friends you let them into your lives

But then they turn around and about you tell nothing but lies

Jealousy is such an ugly thing

Almost as ugly as hypocrisy

So now I must ask who are your friends

Are they really what they seem to be

Or are they just trying to hide from you their envy

Do your friends really have your back

Or is it that that’s where by them you’ve been stabbed

I once had a friend

One I thought would be there for me till the end

Then one day my happiness ended and theirs began

And when I needed someone to lean on

Behind me did no one stand

Fake people

The things they do are oh so evil

Because of their own insecurities

They try to pass on to you their idiosyncrasies

Thinking they are your friends you let them into your lives

But then they turn around and about you tell nothing but lies

Jealousy is such an ugly thing

Almost as ugly as hypocrisy

Be careful who you let know your business

Cause in the end

Rumors about you they could be spreadin’

Don’t put your trust in people who don’t trust you

There’s no telling what they’re liable to say or do

Grow smarter with each experience

And you’ll see true friends

Are the friends who are their with and for you till the end

Dionne K. Kelly

Fake people
Are people that are not real
They always try to deceive you
And make you think that they are the real deal

With fake people
You can never see the light
Because when you are staring into their eyes
It’s always dark and never bright
Fake people are like mirrors
You can see right through them
They are always lying to you
But you already know it’s a scam
Fake people are always trying
To be something that they are not

But when you get a good look at them
You realize that they don’t look no where near as hot
Fake people think
That they gain a reputation

But in my eyes
They are an embarrassment to the entire nation
They are always trying to convince you
To believe who they say they are
But a fake person can’t fool me
Because I’m way too smart
Fake people waste time
But they never pay attention to the time that they are wasting
Only because their minds are always racing
They are always trying to impress you
With things that you never notice
But you wouldn’t be impressed
Even if you noticed

People don’t like to be lied to
So I think it’s better to tell the truth
And to let people see you for the real you
You have a chance
To be a leader of the pack
And I don’t think that things
Can get any better than that
Fake people think
That they can lie to get what they want
But what they want
Doesn’t accept false identity
All that they ask for
Is an ounce of simplicity
Fake people think that when people tell them the truth
That they are the enemy
But all they are trying to do
Is mold you into the person they know you can be
Because deep down inside
I know the real you is a star
And I think that it’s time for the fake you
And the real you to depart

Trust me
You don’t want to go down that road
Because people
Don’t have to be rocket scientists to know
That a fake person is living in our society
Lucky for us real people
That we have a variety
Fake people think that they are being real
But there is no real way to be fake
Maybe that will teach them
To put some thought into the decisions that they make
I always try to be me
And nobody else
Because if I did
It would be very easy for you to tell
Sometimes fake people
Are hard to believe
And they never realize
What the real person within them can achieve
You should rise
From underneath all that clutter
Because there is only one you
And there will never be another
And so the lesson here
Has been discovered
To never become a fake
Or you will suffer

Glenn McCrary

While you look into the mirror
At that well known face again
Do you realize whats behind it
Has anything ever been

It really makes me question
Whether or not your real
Is this your reflection
Is this really what your feel

Do you have this stunning laugh
Or have this many friends
Do you have this sense of humor
Do you know where you begins

Does it ever occur to you
this may not be who you think
when once you were yourself
youre someone else in the matter of a blink

Continue acting if you really want
but if you just think of this
You dont exsist, your lifeless,
but its you, that you will miss

You sit in sadness
Back of the room
no one cares
Practically in your tomb

you pretend your fine
but through your own eyes…
your not.

Your fakeness like a white lie
white, so pure at first
In time they will discover
something scarier……you

Why cry?
Shouldnt they know?
but they’re all alike
All like you
Something they arent
Maintaining their image
It hurts
But to know the truth..
Is to know life.


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Relax-In Tuesday

Hope everyone is having a good time this week. I’m done clearing up after my dinner (yummy jacket potatoes with butter, melted cheese, sour cream & sweet corn- which I made myelf!) & now I’m ready to laze about on the coach with my rich hot chocolate, reading book & a good movie

Enjoy the rest of the day lovelies!

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Currently Reading: Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn

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Activity: Become an expert about a certain time period

My favorite time period was the Victorian & so I’m taking to researching all about this revered era.


If you’re in need of some inspiration how about you give the following a try:

Ottoman Empire

World War I/ World War II

Cold War

Viking Age

The Renaissance

Think about all aspects of these periods. Social, fashion, religious, political, technology & everything in between! When you’re done researching, put all you’ve found (along with all the pictures) into a nicely written report, print it & bind it! You’re now your own expert in whatever period you chose!

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The Miniature Earth

Talk Backwards

Lick My Cupcakes

Watizit Creative Idea Generation Tool

Idea Lottery

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Mega List: Things To Do When You’re Chirpy, Bored or Upset

Treat yourself to a blissful manicure & pedicure

Eat the yummiest chocolate you can possibly get your paws on

Call up a friend and go have food somewhere ritzy

Indulge in ”guilty pleasures” whatever they may be

Blast some good music

Treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of heels

Indulge (in food!)

Come up with an ingenious signature for yourself

Dig up old photos and giggle at the memories

Send a postcard or letter to a friend

Have a milkshake

Join a dance class

Write a letter to yourself in the future

Jot down your ideal have-it-all routine, and then jot down your actual routine. Compare the two: how can you integrate them?

Add diamantes to your manicure

Choose a festival to go to, tell your friends, & start whipping out plans

Write a love letter

Spruce up & take loads of silly pictures

Watch cartoons you used to love as a child

Plan yourself a delicious new outfit on Polyvore, then head out to purchase it

Try a new makeup style

Experiment with false eyelashes

Start your own collection of stickers

Plan a thrilling holiday

Have some yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows

Sit down & read a good book

Learn some French phrases

Start scrap booking

Decide to break a bad habit. Get a small notebook, and record your progress breaking this habit for 21 days

Promise yourself you will commit to an act of charity each month. Plan out this month’s act of charity

Go to Lush & buy something

Sort out your wardrobe. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear

Come up with a wish list of whatever satisfies your soul

Play around with Photoshop

Journal your achievements- grades, compliments, promotions, certificates, travel, savings goals -in the prettiest notebook you can find with the most aesthetically pleasing pictures

Make a list of books you want to read & get reading

Go for a massage

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Activity: Do I Make the Best Use of My Time?

Ask yourself this: Do I make the best use of my time?

♥ How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives- Annie Dillard ♥

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Worrying: A Destructive Habit

♥ ”Worrying gives a small thing a big shadow” Swedish Proverb ♥

I can always find something to worry about. I don’t know how I manage to, I just do. Would I call myself a chronic worrier? I’m not sure I’d go that far but one thing’s for sure: I’m bent on breaking this destructive habit. Worrying is a vicious cycle. It saps your emotional energy, sends your anxiety levels soaring, interferes with your day and disturbs your sleeping pattern. Luckily it is also a mental habit that you can easily learn how to break with a few simple steps.

Studies on worrying have shown the following statistics:

40% of what we worry about never happens

30% of what we worry about has already happened

Only 8% of what we worry about actually happens…

♥ Make a list of all your worries no matter how big or small they are. Next to each worry determine whether it is productive or unproductive. A productive worry is one you can do something about. An unproductive worry is one you can’t do anything about. For example, worrying whether or not you will get cancer is unproductive. On the other hand, if you have an exam tomorrow and are worried because you haven’t studied, studying would be a good idea. This is an example of a productive worry because you can do something about it. Next to all the unproductive worries jot down all the possible positive outcomes related to the worry itself. Make your list as long as possible with around 10-20 points. When you find yourself worrying go over your list. This will remind you to look for positive outcomes instead of always imagining the worst

♥ When you head off to sleep DO NOT plan for tomorrow. All it does is disrupt your sleep and dreams

♥ If possible steer clear of the source or situation that makes you worry in the first place

♥ Remember that it’s never ever as bad as you think it will be. Our cunning mind always manages to blow things out of proportion. Bear that in mind

♥ When you worry, you are sort of predicting the future. Nobody knows what the future holds so it’s totally good for nothing

♥ Worrying is bad for your health! That should be a big enough reason to stop you from worrying!

♥ Stop trying to be in control of the universe. Not everything goes the way you want it. So you need to relax and accept that sometimes things really are out of your hands

♥ Worrying about something that has already happened is absurd. Let go of the past. Forgive yourself and others. Nobody can change bygones

♥ As soon as you find yourself beginning to worry distract yourself. Call a friend. Read a book. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. Listen to some music

♥ Whenever you find yourself worrying about something in the future say to yourself  ”I will worry about this tomorrow. There is no need to worry about it today as it won’t happen for quite a while anyway.” Delay worrying for another day

♥ Remember to keep things in perspective

♥ Accept uncertainty. People who worry too much have a need to be certain about everything. The only thing certain in this world is uncertainty itself. Worrying about uncertainty is just a waste of energy

♥ Do lots of exercise. Exercise helps to release endorphins in your body. Endorphins are feel good chemicals

♥ Stop worrying what people think of you. You do not need to identify your self worth with the opinions of others

♥ Remind yourself that more often than not, worrying is not going to help

♥ Live in the present. Most of the problems you worry about appear when you live in the past or the future

♥ Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to always be worrying, let alone worrying about the small insignificant things

♥ Be careful what you wish for. By continuously thinking about something you give it power. In some form these thoughts are more likely to materialize. Beware!

Keep a pen and paper by your bed so if any thoughts pop into your head when you’re just ready to sleep you can write them down and clear your mind

♥ Spend some time relaxing each day. Listen to soothing music. Do some yoga. Go for a long walk

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Things I Love Thursday

Inpromptu trips to Starbucks for cheesecake with friends

Yummy strawberry and banana D Lush smoothies

Walks along the beach with someone to talk things over with

International phone calls from darling friends

Gentlemen who hold open the lift for you

Trying on loads of clothes and taking silly pictures with friends at the mall

Sweet compliments!

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