Pseudo-Faking It

Today a close friend & I were having a little yakkety yak & we started talking about a few fake people we used to know back in school & how it bugged her (and me!). So this brings me to this post:

›People who go to certain places just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who act out of their character just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who dress out of their style just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who are friends with someone just to get noticed or to fit in

›People who brag about their designer car/watch/shoes/handbag just to get noticed or to fit in

They are fake, always trying to be something they are not in order to fit in with the rest of the crowd. In actual fact they are afraid of being themselves, for fear they will be rejected. So what do they do? They go with the flow. They follow the crowd. They go by ”there is safety in numbers.”

And the thing with all these people is that if you look underneath their ‘masks’ or facades they are empty. They have no real substance. They have no real goals, ambitions or values. They have been ripped of all of that Why? Because they have compromised their own ambitions & values to fit in with the mob.

♥ ”Never compromise your values & beliefs, even if it means risking ridicule & rejection. Be true to yourself. Live your own life & don’t allow others to decide what’s best for you. If you do, you will be unhappy because, you’re untrue to yourself” ♥

Thankfully I haven’t fallen victim to such pretense crowds. This is why when I come across someone who doesn’t follow the mob, someone who believes in individuality & someone who believes in who they are I hold onto them. And you should do too.


All the time

I look in your eyes

But what I see

And what you say to me

Are two totally different things

You pretend you put on a façade

I only wish you knew that I’m not

The only one who sees it as odd

Fake people

The things they do are oh so evil

Because of their own insecurities

They try to pass on to you their idiosyncrasies

Thinking they are your friends you let them into your lives

But then they turn around and about you tell nothing but lies

Jealousy is such an ugly thing

Almost as ugly as hypocrisy

So now I must ask who are your friends

Are they really what they seem to be

Or are they just trying to hide from you their envy

Do your friends really have your back

Or is it that that’s where by them you’ve been stabbed

I once had a friend

One I thought would be there for me till the end

Then one day my happiness ended and theirs began

And when I needed someone to lean on

Behind me did no one stand

Fake people

The things they do are oh so evil

Because of their own insecurities

They try to pass on to you their idiosyncrasies

Thinking they are your friends you let them into your lives

But then they turn around and about you tell nothing but lies

Jealousy is such an ugly thing

Almost as ugly as hypocrisy

Be careful who you let know your business

Cause in the end

Rumors about you they could be spreadin’

Don’t put your trust in people who don’t trust you

There’s no telling what they’re liable to say or do

Grow smarter with each experience

And you’ll see true friends

Are the friends who are their with and for you till the end

Dionne K. Kelly

Fake people
Are people that are not real
They always try to deceive you
And make you think that they are the real deal

With fake people
You can never see the light
Because when you are staring into their eyes
It’s always dark and never bright
Fake people are like mirrors
You can see right through them
They are always lying to you
But you already know it’s a scam
Fake people are always trying
To be something that they are not

But when you get a good look at them
You realize that they don’t look no where near as hot
Fake people think
That they gain a reputation

But in my eyes
They are an embarrassment to the entire nation
They are always trying to convince you
To believe who they say they are
But a fake person can’t fool me
Because I’m way too smart
Fake people waste time
But they never pay attention to the time that they are wasting
Only because their minds are always racing
They are always trying to impress you
With things that you never notice
But you wouldn’t be impressed
Even if you noticed

People don’t like to be lied to
So I think it’s better to tell the truth
And to let people see you for the real you
You have a chance
To be a leader of the pack
And I don’t think that things
Can get any better than that
Fake people think
That they can lie to get what they want
But what they want
Doesn’t accept false identity
All that they ask for
Is an ounce of simplicity
Fake people think that when people tell them the truth
That they are the enemy
But all they are trying to do
Is mold you into the person they know you can be
Because deep down inside
I know the real you is a star
And I think that it’s time for the fake you
And the real you to depart

Trust me
You don’t want to go down that road
Because people
Don’t have to be rocket scientists to know
That a fake person is living in our society
Lucky for us real people
That we have a variety
Fake people think that they are being real
But there is no real way to be fake
Maybe that will teach them
To put some thought into the decisions that they make
I always try to be me
And nobody else
Because if I did
It would be very easy for you to tell
Sometimes fake people
Are hard to believe
And they never realize
What the real person within them can achieve
You should rise
From underneath all that clutter
Because there is only one you
And there will never be another
And so the lesson here
Has been discovered
To never become a fake
Or you will suffer

Glenn McCrary

While you look into the mirror
At that well known face again
Do you realize whats behind it
Has anything ever been

It really makes me question
Whether or not your real
Is this your reflection
Is this really what your feel

Do you have this stunning laugh
Or have this many friends
Do you have this sense of humor
Do you know where you begins

Does it ever occur to you
this may not be who you think
when once you were yourself
youre someone else in the matter of a blink

Continue acting if you really want
but if you just think of this
You dont exsist, your lifeless,
but its you, that you will miss

You sit in sadness
Back of the room
no one cares
Practically in your tomb

you pretend your fine
but through your own eyes…
your not.

Your fakeness like a white lie
white, so pure at first
In time they will discover
something scarier……you

Why cry?
Shouldnt they know?
but they’re all alike
All like you
Something they arent
Maintaining their image
It hurts
But to know the truth..
Is to know life.


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  1. Thanks for putting my poem out there. Appreciate the love.

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