Mega List: Things To Do When You’re Chirpy, Bored or Upset

Treat yourself to a blissful manicure & pedicure

Eat the yummiest chocolate you can possibly get your paws on

Call up a friend and go have food somewhere ritzy

Indulge in ”guilty pleasures” whatever they may be

Blast some good music

Treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of heels

Indulge (in food!)

Come up with an ingenious signature for yourself

Dig up old photos and giggle at the memories

Send a postcard or letter to a friend

Have a milkshake

Join a dance class

Write a letter to yourself in the future

Jot down your ideal have-it-all routine, and then jot down your actual routine. Compare the two: how can you integrate them?

Add diamantes to your manicure

Choose a festival to go to, tell your friends, & start whipping out plans

Write a love letter

Spruce up & take loads of silly pictures

Watch cartoons you used to love as a child

Plan yourself a delicious new outfit on Polyvore, then head out to purchase it

Try a new makeup style

Experiment with false eyelashes

Start your own collection of stickers

Plan a thrilling holiday

Have some yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows

Sit down & read a good book

Learn some French phrases

Start scrap booking

Decide to break a bad habit. Get a small notebook, and record your progress breaking this habit for 21 days

Promise yourself you will commit to an act of charity each month. Plan out this month’s act of charity

Go to Lush & buy something

Sort out your wardrobe. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear

Come up with a wish list of whatever satisfies your soul

Play around with Photoshop

Journal your achievements- grades, compliments, promotions, certificates, travel, savings goals -in the prettiest notebook you can find with the most aesthetically pleasing pictures

Make a list of books you want to read & get reading

Go for a massage

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  1. Oooh I love this list! DEFINITELY coming back for inspiration when I get bored!

  2. I would never advise someone to eat when upset, thats called emotional eating and it leads to obesity. The rest is pretty good, i guess.

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