Music and Life (Alan Watts)

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The Golden Rules of Successful People

♥ Make decisions and take action

♥ Do things even when you don’t feel like it

♥ Do the most productive thing now

♥ Do one thing at a time

♥ Have a positive attitude

♥ Redefine failure

♥ Don’t let fear hold you back

♥ Don’t get distracted

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We heart it– Visual bookmarks for everyone

whatsonwhen– Worldwide events guide

Listography– Life in lists

Moleskin Project


The Satisfied

Beautiful Black and White Photography

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One Word

Challenge: Answer with only one word. No explanations or elaborations.

Your favorite thing? MacBook
Your dream last night? None
Your dream/goal? Pharm. D
Your favorite drink? None
The room you’re in? Bedroom
Your hobby? Scrapbooking
Your fear? Chlostrophobia
Where do you want to be in 6 years? New York?
Where were you last night? Home
What you’re not? Sad
Muffins? No
One of your wish list items? Boots
Time? 11:08 AM
Where you grew up? Middle East
The last thing you did? TV
Favorite weather? Winter?
What are you wearing? Pyjamas
Your favorite book? Plenty
Your pet? Cat
Your computer? MacBook
Your mood? Thinking
Missing someone? Yes
Your car? None
Favorite store? Plenty
Love someone? Yes
Your favorite color/shade? Many
Last thing you ate? Bread
Your friends? Busy
What are you thinking right now? Dorms
What are you doing at this moment? Typing
Your summer: University
What do you do when you can’t sleep? Think
When is the last time you laughed? Thursday
Last time you cried? Sunday

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