Moving Past Procrastination

Procrastination, or playing for time as some know it, strikes us all. Many of us procrastinate to some degree, but some chronic procrastinators are stopped from achieving and being productive.

Essentially, procrastinators have less confidence in themselves, less expectancy that they can actually complete a task.

There are different reasons people procrastinate. It may be due to perfectionism, lack of confidence in themselves, fear, or just not wanting to do things. Essentially procrastinaters tend to believe they can escape by delaying things. Now, you don’t need me to tell you this only provides a temporary feeling of relief.

Remember procrastinators are made not born.

In an effort to beat my own never-ending procrastination here are some tips:

Rest enough– Make sure you get enough sleep each day so you have the energy to accomplish things

Reward yourself– Promise yourself that when (and only when) the task is complete you will go out and buy yourself a new CD, a new pair of shoes or even treat yourself to a delcious chocolate fudge cake. Yummy!

Take baby steps– When we feel overwhelmed we tend to procrastinate so break tasks down into small manageable steps.

Listen to music!

Block distractions- Keep yourself focused by blocking any distractions big or small.

Prioritize!- Figure out priorities. You may find this website very helpful for prioritizing:

Do it now– That’s it. Just do it now

Do you really want to do the task?-  Decide whether the task is worth doing or not. Maybe at the end of the day your effort isn’t worth it.

Build in a reminder- When you procrastinate you tend to avoid thinking about a dreaded task. So, remind yourself! Write on a post-it or set an alarm to go off when you have to start the task.

Make a simple procrastination chart- Record when and how you procrastinate so you can look for solutions.

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  1. Thanks so much for finding the Idea Sandbox Prioritizer and for your link to the site. I hope your readers enjoy it! – Paul

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