Motivation For the Least Motivated

♥ WordsFailMe

In need of some instant motivation? Give the following a try:

Act like it- Even if you don’t feel motivated act like it! When you start to act like you’re motivated and be all enthusiastic, you will actually begin to feel motivated and ready to work for real.

Get started- Sometimes all you need to do to feel motivated is to just get started. Clean your room. Wash the dishes. File your papers away. When you have completed a couple of small tasks you will feel ready to move up to something bigger.

Do the hardest tasks first- Yes, I know, we all tend to shove our hardest tasks to the back of our mind, and they end up never actually getting done. But doing the hardest task first means it’s done so you don’t have to be sat around thinking about it for the rest of the day. We all have tasks we hate doing, but if you just do it first and get over with it, you won’t have to spend your day worrying about it.

Write down your successes- It is so easy to forget about things you have succeeded in and this can really kill what’s left of your motivation. I think a nice idea is to (again, buy a journal!) and keep note of your successes, then you will always have a reference to go back to when you feel really useless (we all have our days…)

Break it down- Break down your task into mini baby steps. Work your way through each small step and watch your motivation grow. This approach works well when you have an overwhelming task ahead of you. Give it a go.

♥ Post motivating pictures- Find pictures which motivate you then hang them up on your fridge, by your laptop, or above your bed just wherever you’ll see them most. You could even try posting inspiring quotes here and there to keep you motivated and focused.

Ask yourself ”why?”- Asking yourself the reason you are doing something will make it more appealing. If you don’t have an answer then most probably you shouldn’t be bothering with it in the first place.

Have a project-kill day– Have one day when you wake up early and make it your goal to accomplish more than usual. Try to finish several major tasks. This will really bring up your confidence and keep you very motivated to finish more.

Reward yourself– Make a deal with yourself that once you’ve finished a task you’ll reward yourself. Maybe you’d like to take a stroll in the park with an ice-cream or maybe a trip to the cinema is more your thing. Whatever takes your fancy reward yourself with it.

Work with friends– It’s much easier to achieve something when you go about doing it with somebody else who has a similar goal. Ask your friends to come round and help you out.

Listen to music– Blast on your favorite music to get you working

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