Setting and Achieving Your Goals

We all need goals. Goals give us something to aim for and as a result increase our productivity so we end up spending more time doing important things and less time doing unimportant things.

The problem here is that many of us don’t know what we want to achieve in our life. Or, if we do know, we haven’t written it down and that makes it very hard to actually go about achieving our goals.

How to set yourself goals:

Think up– Grab a piece of paper and start scrawling any ideas down. Maybe you want to be a doctor living in a penthouse in New York? Maybe getting married living in a cottage on the outskirts of a village takes your fancy? Think of what is important to you and the many areas in your life such as profession, education, family, travel, charity etc. You don’t need to have goals in all these areas. These are just ideas to get you started.

Review– Take a second look at all the jotting you did and trim it down to what you really want to achieve. But you may also want to expand your list. That’s fair enough, just make sure that everything you have written down you really desire.

What, When, How and Why– What exactly do you want to achieve? When is the deadline? How do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve your goals? For every one of your goals ask yourself those four questions. Write down your answers in detail.

Break it down– Now that you know your goals and your deadline you can take the babysteps needed to actually achieve your goals. Write out all the necessary steps you need to take. Don’t be afraid. Breaking it down helps you to focus on the small steps otherwise you run a high risk of losing motivation and slacking off. Every day focus on the small steps. Remember each step brings you a foot closer to your goals.

Write it out– On the nicest piece of paper you can find, in big handwriting, write out your goals, your answers to the four questions, and all the necessary steps. Post it somewhere where you will always see it. Perhaps on your fridge, on the side of your desk, or above your bed. You could even create a collage with different pictures representing each one of your goals. Be creative!

Visualize– The easiest way to reach your goals is to pretend you have already achieved them. Visualize what you want. Do this over and over again and you´ll keep your focus.

It is never too late to start. Right now, here today. There is no better time than today. Just do it!

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  1. beautiful website and a fascinating insight into a beautiful mind,keep it up!

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