Starting up Again

I am back again. I have missed this blog. The satisfaction from writing posts here was truly wonderful. I am back on track now and want to start blogging here regularly starting now. I will have some posts up and running in no time!

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How to Nap


Mermaid in a Manhole

Tokyo Bunnie

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Goals for 2010

So these are my goals for 2010. I’m sure I’ll add more but this will suffice for starters. I’m going to plan out each & every one of my goals tomorrow.

Well I’m tired so I’m heading off to bed. Nighteys!

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What I Did Today

Tea Party

Watched 500 Days of Summer, ate a dangerous amount of cookies, thoroughly cleaned the flat & just lolled about.

Oh & I want me some BBQ marshmallows yummy…

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Activity: Keep a Want Journal

Keep a want journal. Write what you want and write everyday. When you find yourself confused, return to this journal and be inspired with what you want and where you want to go.


♥Want journal

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Word # 4: Felicitous

Felicitous (adj)- used or expressed in a way suitable to the occasion; aptly chosen; appropriate; apt

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A Little Bit of a Long Break

♥ Paint ♥


It’s been quite a while since I last posted here & I know it’s naughty of me. The truth is I’ve been finding it hard juggling university, socializing and personal time all at once. University is so demanding and it’s been really hard living up to the tough demands. I procrastinate way too much. Fact. Once I have my act together I’ll find a foolproof balance between the three. I’ve also been doing some writing elsewhere which I will let you lovelies know about pretty soon.

So, I promise within no time I’ll have myself sorted and blogging will go back to normal. Bear with me!

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Activity: Plan Your Future


Come up with some really wild plans and ideas for your future

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Word # 3: Bowdlerize


Bowdlerize (verb)- to remove or change parts (of a book, play, movie, etc.) considered objectionable

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A Little Reminder

Look for the beauty around you – in others, in yourself

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Word # 2: Assiduous


Assiduous (adj)- constant in application or attention, devoted

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Idea a Day

Time Zone Check

Graffiti Creator

One Word. So Little Time

Do it in Paris

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Word # 1: Eldritch

Eldritch (adj)- strange, weird, eerie

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Student Charade

Put Things Off

Write to Done

Long Awkward Pose


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So I asked around for a part-time job while I’m here & to my surprise I actually found one!  So from next week I got a job! It’s in a small medical centre where basically I’ll have to type up patient records, take appointments & sort out patient files. Oh & it’s from 8AM till 4PM. Pretty neat huh. I’m so stoked! 

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